Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Place Like Home comic

Image Comics has released a new comic book series titled No Place Like Home which is a dark modern take on The Wizard Of Oz. In it, Dee is a teenage orphen whose parents were killed by a tornado, and returns to Emeraldsville, Kanas from L.A. to attend their funeral. But, a series of murder start to rock the small town, and Dee's trip to Oz hasn't even begun yet. This comic is currently set to be an ongoing title written by British author Angelo Tirotto, and drawn by Richard Jordan. Issue #1 is now up for sale at comic retailers everywhere.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Revolution In Oz

DC Comics' Fables is going to be having a backup story beginning with Issue #114 titled A Revolution In Oz. It's about former Fabletown resident Bufkin, a reformed flying monkey who started a band of rebels to free Oz from the Nome King who took over under the occupation of the Advesary. They start by maing off with alot of the confiscated magical items, including the Powder of Life and water for the Forbidden Fountain. The rebels are also looking for whatever happened to their leader.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Fantasy Tonight

Wogglebug Lover has created several Sims-based animated videos, most of which feature the Wogglebug character. She recently did a fictional talk show series called Fantasy Tonight where her character interviews the Wogglebug, and other members of the Oz cast.

The COMPLETE Annotated Oz Squad

Don't know if this was just released or not, but I noticed the collected edition of The Complete Annotated Oz Squad is now out. This combines both Volumes #1 & #2 of the original graphic novel series into a single 380 page book from Tumble Tap, which collectes all 9 issues of the Oz Squad comic book series, including the two specials. Check your local book store or comics retailer for copies.