Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Lurlinemas

Wicked Witch in Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters Of Filmland will feature the Wicked Witch of the West in their upcoming Febuary 2013 issue. This will cover the character in the original MGM movie, plus in the Baum books.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elphaba arrives!

A new poster featuring the Wicked Witch of the West for the upcoming Oz, The Great And Powerful movie has been released.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Wizard Of Oz On Ice

This ice skating performance of WOZ that was a TV special that premiered on CBS in 1996.

The Steam Engines Of Oz

Arcana Comics has released a press statement about their upcoming addition for Free Comic Book Day 2013(even though the press statement says 2012)titled The Steam Engines Of Oz. This will be a new steampunk-themed version of Oz set 100 years after the death of the Wicked Witch of the West, and a rebellious Victoria Wright tries to free the land from a former hero turned despot. This FCBD edition will be a preview of the graphic novel which will be released later in 2013.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Comic Review: The Wizard Of Oz (Sterling Graphics)

Sterling Graphics recently did a one-shot graphic novel adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz as part of their All-Action Classics line by Ben Caldwell. This line up also includes Tom Sawyer, Dracula, and The Odyssey. It's a little hard to think of WOZ as an "action" story, but Caldwell does give a good go at it.

It is slightly faithful to the original L. Frank Baum story, although there are some major differences. One is just before the twister shows up, Dorothy and Em are recollecting a circus show featuring "The Great Humbug", complete with a poster on their wall, who Dorothy recognizes later on as the Wizard. Another is the Witch of the North after meeting Dorothy refers to Glinda as a "mostly" good witch, thus acknowledging her existence earlier than she was supposed to. That, and the Witch of the North showing up after the Wizard leaves and telling Dorothy that she had the power to return home on her own, pretty much copy-pasting the ending to the MGM movie but with the actual Witch of the North. Tin Woodman appears to be more French-like with a beret, and the Wicked Witch of the West looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

This would make for a fine gift for kids, even though Caldwell's artwork seems a bit estranged from the normal look of the Oz characters, but will enjoy his work more on his original series of The Dare Detectives. Oz purists might not agree with the changes in the story even though they are slightly minor, aside from leaving out the entire last quarter of the book on the quest to Glinda's castle. Either way, the kids should like it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Oz the Great and Powerful (new trailer!)

Here's the latest trailer for the upcoming Oz, The Great And Powerful movie from Disney due out Mar. 8, 2013.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Comic Review: No Place Like Home (Volume 1)

Image Comics' recent mini-series of No Place Like Home has concluded its first edition. This 5-issue mini-series is supposed to be the beginning of an ongoing series(or series of mini-series), and given how fast most of the issues sold out, chances are it will be back in force. Written by Angelo Tirotto and drawn by Richard Jordan, this is a dark horror movie approach to Wizard Of Oz set in modern day.

The rebellious Dee returns to her hometown in Kansas to attend her parents' funeral who were killed by a freak twister. She is reunited with her friend Lizzie, although the local drunk Thomas seems to know something more about her parents untimely demise than the Sheriff Frank is leading on about. Thomas is suspected of the murder of two workers at a diner, and goes on the run, but holds Dee and Liz at gunpoint to get them to dig up Dee's parents to see what really happened to them. They find their corpses which look like they were mangled to death. This seems to be related to a series of animal attacks throughout the county. Liz is then abducted by a flying monkey, and Dee and Frank set out to rescue her. The flying monkey takes Liz to an underground cavern where a portal has opened where several flying monkeys await on the other side. On their way, Dee and Frank witness a monkey attacking a school bus beheading an old woman, which leads Dee to figure out where they are hiding. They trace them to a old farmhouse and smash into the basement to find Liz fighting the monkeys. Liz grabs some glowing marbles which opens a portal that she gets sucked in with the rest of the monkeys, leaving Dee behind. Liz is flown to a tall castle where she is confronted by a fashionable green lady welcoming her to Oz.

This is so far turning out to be a decent series, even though it finished its first volume a few months late. Although I have to stress that this is not a comic for younger readers. There are several scenes of gore and violence, and plenty of cursing(if that's a problem for you). This, and it only has a small opening into the world of Oz, just with the flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch of the West after five issues. It seems more if like Steven King was doing an adaptation of Wizard Of Oz, with not enough emphasis about Oz itself. Hopefully this might get resolved by the next volume.

Oz: The Great And Powerful posters

A series of posters for the upcoming Oz: The Great And Powerful have just been revealed. This shows the new movie versions of the Wicked Witch of the West, flying monkeys, and Munchkins.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Wicked Day

Hope everyone has a great Wicked Day, and don't get "carried off by any twisters"!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Comic Review: Halloween Eve

This one just came out in time for Halloween. Written by Brandon Montclare and drawn by Amy Reeder, this one-shot was release recently through Image Comics(also available at (Comixology. Its a somewhat supernatural romantic comedy, but there is a strong Wizard Of Oz presence in it.

Eve is a girl working in a costume shop, but she hates dressing up in costume! The store employees are required to dress up on Halloween, and Eve gets stuck cleaning up on the night before, but strange things begin to happen as she tries on a sexy witch costume. She is sent to Halloween Land, and tormented by the devil, and talking pumpkins. Eve then wakes up back in the store wearing a fitting Dorothy costume, and referring to her co-workers like Dorothy did the farmhands in her dream from the Wizard Of Oz movie. She finally gets over her "cosplay-phobia", and admits her feelings for this cute guy she works with.

Halloween Eve is a pretty good one-shot, and brings a fair take to the whole concept of a girl getting sent to a magical world. The comic is padded out a little with bios of the background characters and a sketch gallery, when this could've been a 32-page book instead of 40, but you might wanna check this out to get in the Trick or Treat mood.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Wonderful Pundits Of Oz

Frank Conniff, many will know from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Cinematic Titanic, recently put together a new musical comedy version of Wizard Of Oz free on iTunes called The Wonderful Pundits Of Oz. This is part of a new anthology series he's doing titled Podhouse 90.

Oz Video Of The Month: Wicked at the Tonys

This was a performance featuring the original Broadway cast from Wicked at the 2004 Tony Awards doing Defying Gravity.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dorothy Of Oz official trailer

The first full-length trailer for the upcoming Dorothy Of Oz animated movie has been postd.

Oz Mythbusters: Sister Act

Alot of people are under the impression that both the Wicked Witches were actually sisters, but the fact of it was in the original Oz books, L. Frank Baum didn't have them being related at all. Both the East and West witches were in cohoots together, but they weren't sisters.

The Wizard Of Oz movie from 1939 was the first to tie in both of the characters as being sisters, possibly to give the Wicked Witch of the West a little more motivation and so that she'd show up in the story earlier than when Dorothy goes to her castle. From this, alot of other adaptaions of Oz included this as being official canon. Journey Back To Oz mentiones that the witches were sisters, as well as Mombi being their sister. The Oz comic book series from Caliber Press had the witches as sisters, who were later combined into a single entity called The Wickedest Witch. Oz: The Manga from Antarctic Press also featured them as sisters, as well as the OZF5: Gale Force one-shot.

But one of the most "popular" adaptations of this are from the Wicked book series by Gregory Macguire, and the Wicked musical where the West Witch was Elphaba, a child who was born unnaturally green, and her sister Nessarose. Nessa, was born with no arms in the original books, but in the musical was instead born with legs that wouldn't move, at least not without the help of some special slippers. Elphaba and Nessa had an on-and-off relationship, although they went on to lead very seperate lives throughout the course of the story, in both the books and musical.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Return To Oz documentary

This was the first part of a full-length documentary of Return To Oz that came out about 5 years ago.

Oz in Fable Quest

Clockstop Entertainment recently released the first volume of their hardcover graphic novel series, Fairy Quest, by Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins. This is apparently connected to a previous comics anthology titled Fablewood where fairytale characters live in a single world controlled by the tyrannical Mr. Grimm. He causes the people to relive their stories the same way everyday, and if they don't he uses the Mind Eraser to redo their memories. Red Riding Hood is breaking the standard by actually befriending her the Big Bad Wolf. They run off while being chased by Grimm's Think Police, and seek help from Peter Pan in Neverland. After getting some information from the captured Capt. Hook, Red and Wolf seek a map maker to find their way to the mythical land of "Realworld". The first volume ends with them about to enter the area known as the Dark Forest.

Future editions are planning on having more of the characters from Oz in it, including a more heartful version of the Wicked Witch, plus Dorothy and her regular running crew. Volume #1 did have a character in the background who might have been Jack Pumpkinhead, but nothing confirms that or any other Oz locals.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Comic Review: The Royal Historian Of Oz

Slave Labor Graphics finished up its run of The Royal Hostorian Of Oz by Tommy Kovac, although not all 5 issues were done in print as seperate releases. Because of low sales, only the first 4 were done in regular comic format, but all 5 were available online, as well as the recent trade paperback which collects the whole series. Since his somewhat successful turn on Disney's Wonderand comic, Kovac thought he'd tackle the other fairyland of Oz. With Andy Hirsch doing the art for it, this turned out to be a great look at what it would be like for an Oz fan to discover that their favorite literary world actually existed.

Set sometime in the mid-21st Century, Jasper Fizzle is a struggling independent author who keeps trying to have one of his books about Oz published. The Official Oz Society keeps turning him down though, and are threatening to sue him because of their eternal copyright on all Oz printed material. Jasper's teenage son Frank keeps defending him, even though he just about gives up on him when Jasper brings home what he believes is the genuine Silver Slippers that Dorothy first used return to Kansas. After nicking them from an estate sale, Jasper discovers that they do in fact take him to the land of Oz. He returns back home after taking several magical items from there, and opens up his own Oz museum. Frank is skeptical at first, but comes to realize that all this is real, including the flying monkey Zik that he befriends. After Ozma finds out about some of the missing magical items, she sends Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, and Scraps to Earth to find them. They kidnap Frank, and take him back to Oz to exchange for the stolen items, but Scraps breaks away from the group, and gets lost in the big city. While in Oz, Tin Man becomes his caretaker, and Frank begins to develop a friendship with him. However, one of the items Jasper took from Oz was the liquified remains of the Wicked Witch of the West, which escapes his collection and takes over Scraps body. With the help of the Wizard, Jasper is reunited with Frank, and they manage to squeeze the Witch's spirit out of Scraps. Franks is then given free sanction to go to Oz anytime, while Ozma clears up things with the Oz Society's "eternal copyright".

Tommy Kovac managed to pull together a fine comic that non-Oz fans could appreciate. Andy Hirsch's artwork is very endearing, and you should totally check out his Varmints webcomic. His take on some of the Oz characters is very fresh, especially the Patchwork Girl with her stringy arms and legs. Do yourself a favor and pick up the full graphic novel as opposed to the single issues, mostly because it features some interviews, additional artwork, plus an introduction by Eric Shanower.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Woe Is Oz Book Project

The creators of Woe Is Oz are starting a project to collect all 6 issues of their comic book series in a single printed graphic novel. So far, 3 issues have been in print, while 4 are available for download. They have a fundraiser going on Kickstarter to complete the project.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Video Of The Month: The Wiz review

The Nostalgia Critic recently did a pretty upfront but funny review of The Wiz movie adaptation.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oz, The Great And Powerful in 2013!

Disney is planning on releasing their live-action Wizard Of Oz prequal Oz, The Great And Powerful on Mar. 8, 2013.

Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Road again!

Marvel Comics just recently did the last issue of the Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz mini-series, and are now planning on tackling the fifth Oz book, The Road To Oz. The first of the 8-issue series is set for release on Sep. 5, 2012.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: The Whimsical World Of Oz

A few years ago, brasinhussy did an informative 7-part series about the history of Oz in books and more titled The Whimsical World Of Oz. This is Part 1 of it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oz Mythbusters: Horses in Oz

Despite alot of non-Baum Oz books and other productions stating that there horses are a common animal in the land of Oz, there technically aren't any native examples of the genus Equus there. The only one in the original books is the Sawhorse, which was a regular wooden sawhorse that was born from the Powder of Life by Ozma(then "Tip"). Like most of the other ianimate objects brought to life in Oz like the Patchwork Girl and Jack Pumpkinhead, Sawhorse doesn't need to eat or sleep. He's also the official steed for Ozma's royal carriage. Whether there were any other carriages in Oz prior to that is never explained, and if so, what creatures would be used for them.

Two other horse visitors have actually gone to Oz though. In the fourth book, Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz, Dorothy's cousin Zeb accompanied her and the Wizard back to Oz, along with Zeb's horse Jim. Once in Oz, Jim found he could talk like the other animals, and lost a race to the Sawhorse. Zeb and Jim eventually went back to their farm in California. The other visitor is Hank the mule who came with his friend Betsy Bobbin to Oz in the eight book, Tik-Tok Of Oz. Unlike Jim though, Hank stayed in Oz as a permanent resident with Betsy. As a mule, Hank is technically half-horse/half-donkey, but meaning there aren't any other full-blooded horses in Oz.

Numerous interpretations of the Oz series have placed horses as regular animals in the fairyland. The most famous one is the "horse of a different color" from the 1939 WOZ movie. Other examples include the Lost In Oz TV pilot which had living suits of armor on horseback. Oz-related books like The Wicked Years series had horses as part of everday life, whether they were animals or "Animals"(talking animals). Still, it's strange that despite there being lions, tigers, and bears in this marvelous land, that horse aren't a regular part of the wild kingdom of Oz.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Ozma Of Oz-A Tale In Time

The Raleigh Little Theatre in North Carolina put on a stage show version of Ozma Of Oz in 2008 titled Ozma Of Oz-A Tale In Time. In this adaptation, Dorothy is now a teenager, and her wheelchair-bound Uncle Henry has a more active part in the story. Plus, Billina the hen is now Bill the rooster, and apparently several feet taller than normal. This video shows some scenes from the play, and behind the scenes features.

Oz Mythbusters: Oz, the Great and...

This is the first of a new series of short segments were we go over some of the popular misconceptions in Oz, including in the books, movies, and other media. We'll start on one of the most common examples.

When Dorothy first encounters the Wizard in the original WOZ book, she sees him as a giant floating head that proclaims himself as "Oz, the Great and Terrible". Is happens each time he meets the rest of Dorothy's three companions one after the other, even though he takes on different forms in each visit. However, in the 1939 WOZ movie, the Wizard proclaims himself as "Oz, the Great and Powerful". This became the standard for the Wizard's intro from that point on.

Most musical versions of WOZ have the Powerful boast in it, although the Wicked musical does have the Wizard first introduced as Terrible. There is even the upcoming, Oz, The Great And Powerful live-action movie that Disney is planning which is supposed to be a prequal to WOZ. So just try to keep in mind that Oscar Diggs was always a more terrible wizard than powerful one. Oh, and a certain somepony should totally be labeled that too...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: The Scientific Method Of Oz

A new crew on Blip is Reel Science where they use movies to explain science. Their first how the Wizard Of Oz can be used to explain the scientific method.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Comic Reviews: Abigail and Rox

Back when they were still operational, Digital Webbing did a fairy tale-themed comic titled Abigail and Rox In The Land Of Enchantment. The first issue was sort of a one-shot written by Joshua Gamon and drawn by Adrian Sibar.

In 1843 London, a young girl named Abigail goes into the world of a magic book to save her grandfather. This other world is in fact Wonderland, complete with the White Rabbit and a litter of evil Cheshire Cats. While here, Abigail's teddy bear Rox becomes alive and helps her free her grandfather who was under the thrall of the evil Queen of Spades. Her grandfather makes it back to London, but there's some kind of timewarp involved and he returns to 1943 during World War II. Abigail and Rox then go on the run from the Queen after wrecking her castle.

The series continues in a series which was never actually printed, but available digitally at Comixology. Abigail and Rox II: The Courtship Of Abigail Fellows takes place a year after the events of the one-shot where Abagail and Rox have been seeking refuge from the Queen in the mystical town of Sleeping Hollow, and its Mayor, Ichibod Crane. A call to Oz gets King Scarecrow and his friend Tin Man to show up in their gorilla-drawn chariot. This apparently happens somewhere in between The Wizard Of Oz and The Marvelous Land Of Oz. Scarecrow meets with Ichabod and the Queen of Spades in a peace summitt. The Queen threatens them to get at Abigail, but Ichabod and Scarecrow won't back down.

There isn't much anything else with Oz in the rest of the first issue, and there was only one other issue produced after that. William Blankenship took over for art on both issues of this for Sibar, and it shows as the design looks less storybook-like and more similar to a standard comic design. The comic didn't conclude with the second issue, and left room for more interaction between different fairy tale lands. You might want to look it up, even though its yet another crossover of Oz and Wonderland, there isn't much interaction between the two realms. It's an interesting view of a more confident Scarecrow who considers himself to be "worth his weight in straw".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comic Review: Oz/Wonderland Chronicles-Jack & Cat Tales (conclusion)

The 3rd and final issue of Jack & Cat Tales came out this last week, I thought it would be time to do a recap of the mini-series. This was a spinoff to the The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles that originally started in a one-shot special, Jack & Cat Special. There then followed three issues of J&C Tales.

In it, Mae Mannering is a children's book author, who most people would know as a young girl that met a certain flying boy in Kensington Gardens. In this reality, she has run into Jack Pumpkinhead and the Cheshire Cat who have both come to Earth after the events of "J-Day", where the Wicked Witch sent to the Jabberwocky to attack Oz through our world. The three of them decide to go off on a road trip while Mae is on a tour of the country signing her new book.

Issue #2 has the Patchwork Girl uses the magic of the White Pearl to try and find Jack, and ends up befriending a street performer who dresses up like the Tin Woodman. Mae has Jack and the Cheshire Cat staying at her place for a bit, and reveals her strange ability to paint images that come to her out of nowhere, the lates of which is actually the Wizard. The three of them run into Oz himself later on, and he teams up with them to confront Cap'n Bill and his mysterious group of otherworldly hunters. They plan on busting all the refugees from Oz and Wonderland out, amoung them are Scraps and her friend, but are confronted by the Red and White Nights who have both been split down the middle and sewn to the other's half. There are three Foot Notes, an accounting of the Mad Hatter's adventures on Earth and his attempts to claim the Golden Cap that controls the winged monkeys, a short of how Hatter ended up on Earth, and a one-page involving a series of Girls Gone Wild videos that Hatter miracuously profited off of.

Issue #3 has our heroes finally confronting the mastermind behind this whole scheme. A paraplegic old man called the Major, who is an old friend of the Wizard, and apparently is also from some another world like Wonderland or Oz. He uses a special blade he created modeled after the Great Knife from Sky Island(where Cap'n Bill once visited in his pre-Oz days)to cut the Tin Man lookalike in half, thus creating a different person after he reesembles. The Major does this to try and find a way achieve immortality. The White Knight manages to get control of himself, and helps free everyone along with Cheshire Cat's assistance. Oz sets out to help send the refugees back to their worlds, while Mae and her friends(along woth Scraps)head out on yet another road trip. The Foot Notes in this issue reveal the Wizard's connection to Mae's past, plus Mae's very brief meetup with Dorothy and Alice which took place in the Jack & Cat Special.

This was a pretty good series, although for my money it could've stuck more to some comedy antics involving the actual title characters instead of the askewed storyline with the Major's collecting people from other worlds. Ben Avery & Casey Heying have some good plots in it though, and Teddy Riawan does some exceptionally gripping artwork for it. All three issues of Tales plus the original Special one-shot are going to be collected into a single trade paperback of The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Book Two coming out this May from BuyMeToys.Com.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dorothy Of Oz Prequel now out

IDW has released the first issue of their comic book series Dorothy Of Oz: Prequel. This is called a "prequel", even though its being released before the upcoming animated movie, it could be seen as more of a prelude. A few things in this are different from the actual original Roger S. Baum its based on. For one, the Jester is actually the brother of the Wicked Witches, and not some innocent performer who happened to get possessed by the Witch's spirit. This is a limited mini-series, with alternate covers by Eric Shanower.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zenescope finally goes to Oz

Zenescope Entertainment is finally going to get around to doing a comic based on Oz. There have been some ties to it as part of their Grimm Fairy Tales line, most recently in their mini-series, The Library which featured the Wicked Witch of the West. The Lion was also shown in the beginning of The Dream Eater Saga crossover. But the new Oz comic will feature Oz exclusively, although its unknown if this will correspond with the other Grimm titles like Wonderland. The series will be released this fall, with art by Anthony Spay and Jason Embry.

Ozma in Fairest?

Vertigo just released the first issue of their new title, Fairest, which is a spinoff series of the Fables comic. Ozma is featured along with alot of the regular female cast on the front cover by Adam Hughes in Issue #1, but so far no development in the story involving her. She was the original "fairy princess" though!

Oz Video Of The Month: Popular on Today

This was a live performance of Popular from the Wicked musical on the Today Show by Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowerth.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ozma: The Anime Series(?)

A brand new anime TV series by Leiji Matsumoto, the creator of Star Blazers, is coming now premiering in Japan titled Ozma. This apparently has nothing to Wizard Of Oz or the works of L. Frank Baum, but is instead another space opera possibly fitting into the same universe as Captain Harlock and Queen Emeraldas. It's set on Earth in the future, when abnormal solar activity devastates Earth's atmosphere. The character Sam pursues "Ozma", a mysterious enemy of his brother, until he runs into Maya, who is being chased by an alien army. This series is being streamed in English on Crunchyroll.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emerald City Blues #3 now out

Karl Altstaetter now has the third issue of his original Wizard Of Oz comic book series, Emerald City Blues, in print. You can see the actual chapter online in its entirety at his Deviant Art account.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NEW version Emeralds NOW IN!!!

We now have our version of the Emeralds: Hearts In Oz: Special Edition in stock. This is a new 40-page long print of the original comic, but a larger size, and with additional material. Plus, we're offering at a much more affordable price of $3.00.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: L. Frank Baum's Oz trailer

Back in 2009, Chaddirects posted a trailer for the Picketwire Players production of Wizard Of Oz titled L. Frank Baum's Oz. It seemed to be a more faithful adaption of the book, but with some influences from Wicked.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Place Like Home comic

Image Comics has released a new comic book series titled No Place Like Home which is a dark modern take on The Wizard Of Oz. In it, Dee is a teenage orphen whose parents were killed by a tornado, and returns to Emeraldsville, Kanas from L.A. to attend their funeral. But, a series of murder start to rock the small town, and Dee's trip to Oz hasn't even begun yet. This comic is currently set to be an ongoing title written by British author Angelo Tirotto, and drawn by Richard Jordan. Issue #1 is now up for sale at comic retailers everywhere.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Revolution In Oz

DC Comics' Fables is going to be having a backup story beginning with Issue #114 titled A Revolution In Oz. It's about former Fabletown resident Bufkin, a reformed flying monkey who started a band of rebels to free Oz from the Nome King who took over under the occupation of the Advesary. They start by maing off with alot of the confiscated magical items, including the Powder of Life and water for the Forbidden Fountain. The rebels are also looking for whatever happened to their leader.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Fantasy Tonight

Wogglebug Lover has created several Sims-based animated videos, most of which feature the Wogglebug character. She recently did a fictional talk show series called Fantasy Tonight where her character interviews the Wogglebug, and other members of the Oz cast.

The COMPLETE Annotated Oz Squad

Don't know if this was just released or not, but I noticed the collected edition of The Complete Annotated Oz Squad is now out. This combines both Volumes #1 & #2 of the original graphic novel series into a single 380 page book from Tumble Tap, which collectes all 9 issues of the Oz Squad comic book series, including the two specials. Check your local book store or comics retailer for copies.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Witches Of Oz FINALLY coming to the States

The TV mini-series/movie of The Witches Of Oz is finally going to be coming to America in the next few months. The production itself is being released on Region 1 DVD and Blu-Ray on Apr. 3 by Image Entertainment. There is also going to be a limited theatrical release of the alterante film version in U.S. cinemas starting on Feb. 17. The theatrical release is possibly going to be under the title Dorothy And The Witches Of Oz.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oz Video Of The Month: Yellow Brick Road

This was a trailer made by Monsterluv which was an amateur horror version of The Wizard Of Oz titled Yellow Brick Road. As far as any other info has shown, there hasn't been any further production of this since the original trailer from back in Dec. 2006.

Happy 2012! (FREE CALENDAR!)

Happy New Year! Here's a free 2012 Emeralds calendar available for print out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper of Scraps and Scarecrow!