Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Comic Review: Halloween Eve

This one just came out in time for Halloween. Written by Brandon Montclare and drawn by Amy Reeder, this one-shot was release recently through Image Comics(also available at (Comixology. Its a somewhat supernatural romantic comedy, but there is a strong Wizard Of Oz presence in it.

Eve is a girl working in a costume shop, but she hates dressing up in costume! The store employees are required to dress up on Halloween, and Eve gets stuck cleaning up on the night before, but strange things begin to happen as she tries on a sexy witch costume. She is sent to Halloween Land, and tormented by the devil, and talking pumpkins. Eve then wakes up back in the store wearing a fitting Dorothy costume, and referring to her co-workers like Dorothy did the farmhands in her dream from the Wizard Of Oz movie. She finally gets over her "cosplay-phobia", and admits her feelings for this cute guy she works with.

Halloween Eve is a pretty good one-shot, and brings a fair take to the whole concept of a girl getting sent to a magical world. The comic is padded out a little with bios of the background characters and a sketch gallery, when this could've been a 32-page book instead of 40, but you might wanna check this out to get in the Trick or Treat mood.

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