Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oz Mythbusters: Oz, the Great and...

This is the first of a new series of short segments were we go over some of the popular misconceptions in Oz, including in the books, movies, and other media. We'll start on one of the most common examples.

When Dorothy first encounters the Wizard in the original WOZ book, she sees him as a giant floating head that proclaims himself as "Oz, the Great and Terrible". Is happens each time he meets the rest of Dorothy's three companions one after the other, even though he takes on different forms in each visit. However, in the 1939 WOZ movie, the Wizard proclaims himself as "Oz, the Great and Powerful". This became the standard for the Wizard's intro from that point on.

Most musical versions of WOZ have the Powerful boast in it, although the Wicked musical does have the Wizard first introduced as Terrible. There is even the upcoming, Oz, The Great And Powerful live-action movie that Disney is planning which is supposed to be a prequal to WOZ. So just try to keep in mind that Oscar Diggs was always a more terrible wizard than powerful one. Oh, and a certain somepony should totally be labeled that too...

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