Friday, September 11, 2009

Emeralds Character Bios: Ozma

In the world of Emeralds, Ozma is now the reigns as the ruler of Oz. In the original book series, Oz was first run by the King Pastoria, but the country was soon thrown into civil war because of the Wicked Witches. The Wizard then seized control(despite not being a real wizard), and had the rightful heir whisked away for "safe keeping" to the witch Mombi. There, he grew up under the name Tip, but it was later revealed to be Princess Ozma, and a girl! Ozma became monarch over the now slightly more witch-free land. This origin is a little skewed as it was later retconned by L. Frank Baum that Pastoria was already in Mombi's custody and Ozma was born somehow while in captivity. Emeralds has Ozma still as queen, and she and Dorothy are the best of friends, while the two of them are finally realizing their feelings for each other. This version has her wearing Arabian Nights-styled attire which is slightly modeled after Mera from Aquaman, but she is a little older in apperance. The story has Ozma longing for Dorothy to return from her training as the new Eastern Witch.

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