Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emerald City Confidential PC game

A PC adventure game that recently came out from Wadjet Eye Games is Emerald City Confidential.

This is a direct followup to the original L. Frank Baum Oz books taking place about 40 years in the future. Dorothy is now called Dee, and hires the daring female detective Petra to find her missing fiance. Petra is a P.I. that has been secretly looking for her missing brother, while trying to expose the criminal activities of Lion who is now a cunning attourney. Dee's fiance was apparently involved in a plot with a mysterious wand which the evil Phanfasms are planning to use, although Queen Ozma wants it to bring the original four witches of Oz back to life.

The game features several of the regular characters, as well as some of secondary ones like Wogglebug, Jinjur, and Captain Bill, The game goes through many levels, mostly in Emerald City, but others like Quadling Country where magic tournaments are held by the former Wizard, and Winkie Country where Frogman is a gangster boss. There is some good gameplay, and clever dialogue. It's published by
Play First, but is also available for download through other licensed online dealers like Big Fish Games, and Game House. There's also a decent fan site about it.

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