Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oz film news

Well, there's alot of upcoming Oz movie projects coming up. Warner Bros. is working on one titled Oz being produced by Temple Hill and written by Darren Lemke, plus another un-named darker film written by Josh Olsen that deals with Dorothy's granddaughter going to Oz to take on an evil force. The Dorothy Of Oz animated movie(set for 2012 release)has recently added Megan Hilty as the voice of China Princess, Hugh Dancy as Marshal Mallow of the Candy Country, Oliver Platt as the owl Wiser, and Patrick Stewart as Tugg the living tugboat. Disney is also looking over directors for its movie of Oz, The Great And Powerful which tells of the Wizard's origins and how he came to Oz. Adam Shankman and Sam Mendes were thought to be up for the job, although recently its been stated that Sam Raimi has been offered it.

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