Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emeralds: A new Oz comic!

Emeralds: Hearts In Oz is a brand new comic book series from Mini-Komix in early 2010. It will be written by Jer Alford whose work includes Purrsia, Jankenpon, Ninja High School, Neo Kyoto, Gold Digger, Senshi Vs. Sentai, Jesi The Genie, Equinox, Kitty Honey, Din & The Magic Milk Bottle, Gaijin Hi, and more. It is being drawn by Erin Ptah who has also provided art for And Heaven Shine Now. The series is planned to be 4 issues long, and will be a continuation of the original Oz book series by L. Frank Baum. Taking place sometime in the future after Glinda Of Oz, Dorothy has become the new Eastern Witch, while Ozma longs for her return to the Emerald City. This comic is done in the style of a shojo manga. Keep looking here for more info on the comic, and other Oz-related stuff.

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