Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emeralds: Story concept

The idea for Emeralds had been an idea I had been kicking around for while. At first, it was going to be a crossover between Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland called Never/Wonder. From that came the concept of having the Queen Of Hearts and Captain Hook starring in their own romantic adventure called The Queen And The Captain. But eventually the story found its way to being an Oz tale. After going over the original 14-ish Baum books, I realized that there was serious potential in doing a series that focused primarily on the relationships between most of the characters, or ones that might possibly occur as they mature. One of the most obvious ones was that of Dorothy and Ozma. They had been good friends for the entire series, and Ozma had even proclaimed her as an official princess, that and neither had a regular alternate love interest. This coupled with the fact that Ozma used to be a boy has made alot of Oz fans speculate about them being romantically involved, which is a concept known as "Dorzma" in some circles. Anyway, I decided to have this project be about not only them, but the other characters finding true love in their on way. Whether it always works out for them though remains to be seen.

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