Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emeralds Influences: Ozma

When it came to making Emeralds, I've modeled or based some of the reimagining of certain Oz characters from various sources. For Ozma, who is now a little older than her usually girlish image, I was largely inspired by the character of Princess Rune Venus from the anime, El Hazard. In it, Rune is the princess of the kingdom of Roshtaria on the world of El-Hazard, in which people from Earth are sent there via a magic vortex(similar to Dorothy being sent to Oz). Rune is a very responsible ruler, but deeply cares for her friends and family. There are actually two different versions of this character. One is from the original OVA series, El Hazard: The Magnificent World, who is the head of an alliance of kingdoms, and user of an ancient weapon. She resembles Ozma in her regal appearance, as well as her garb, including her crown with ornamental flowers on the ends, although her outfit is more Arabesque. The other version of Rune is in the TV series remake of the OVA titled El Hazard: The Wanderers. In this one, Rune is the only heir to the throne, and slightly younger. She's a little more insecure than her OVA counterpart, and with curlier hair. She develops a relationship with the Earthling, Makoto, and goes on many adventures with him and their friends. This Rune is adorned in similar Arabic garments with a flowery headress. I was influenced by both Runes, both in the characters' nature and appearance. Another such character that has been Mera from DC Comics. She is the wife of Aquaman and the Queen of Atlantis. I more was inspired by the version of her that has appeared on the Justice League animated TV series where she wears a more elegant midriff-revealing outfit, even though she's still the warrior queen that's shown in the comics. In fact, Mera has become a central character in the Blackest Night crossover. Mera's strength and determination played a great part in what I have in mind for Ozma in the future.

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