Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emeralds Character Bios: Lion

The not-so-cowardly Lion comes back in Emeralds in an all new way. Originally, Lion(or "Cowardly Lion)was an outcast suffering from serious self-esteem, and believed he didn't have any courage. He teamed up with Dorothy as she was off to see the Wizard, and he apparently gains courage thanks to a "magic potion". He later becomes King of the Forest in Quadling Country after killing a giant spider that had been terrorizing the animals there, and also where Lion befriends Hungry Tiger. Lion also becomes a regular member of Ozma's court and sometimes acts has her bodyguard. In Emeralds, Lion has the ability to take on a human form, which is a gift that Ozma has granted to all the animal rulers in Oz. Lion has also recently been mated to a certain long-standing Queen in Oz.

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