Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emeraids Influences: Jellia Jamb

The official Royal Maid of the Emerald City is the original cute maid character! Jellia is first described in The Wizard Of Oz as a short girl with green hair and glasses. Despite the nearly infinite amount of maids in anime, there are a few that played a part in developing the Emeralds version of her. One is Lettuce Midorikawa from Tokyo Mew Mew, or as she was known in the American version(Mew Mew Power), Bridget Verdant. She's one of the Mew Mews, a group of Sailor Scout-ish magical girls who fight evil aliens. Lettuce can transform into a superhero with water powers. She appears to be your stereotypical anime girl with glasses(or "meganekko")who is shy but smart, however she has alot more to her than just being another Sailor Mercury clone. Another character that went into Jellia's development was Eina(or "Ena")from the mecha series Gravion/Gravion Zwei. She is part of a team of mecha pilots that form the giant robot, Gravion, although her cover is as a clutzy maid at a mansion with most of the other pilots. Similar to Jellia, she has short green hair and glasses. Later on she apparently dies, which turns out was an artificial body while her mind remained on the moon. Eina returns in her original form, but with pink hair and no glasses. Like Jellia, Eina is sweet and innocent, although she sometimes lets her naiveity get the better of her.

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