Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video Review: The Princess Of Oz

Eduard Cao put together an original independent film(which could be viewed as a "fan film")recently titled The Princess Of Oz. This was originally supposed to be a children's play that was turned into a movie as a take on The Marvelous Land Of Oz but with a few twists, like Dorothy being in the story(again?), along with Scraps the Patchwork Girl, Lion, and Tik-Tok.

The story involves mainly involves Dorothy coming across a strange peddler who presents her with her silver shoes last seen in Wizard Of Oz, and gets sent to Oz. There she runs across the girl Tip and Jack Pumpkinhead who she "grew in her garden". While this is going on, the witch Mombi allies herself with General Jinjur and her lackeys, the Jinjettes, as they plan to take over Oz. Sometime later, the living life-sized ragdoll Scraps befriends Jack P., and eventually the Scarecrow who is now King. The story unfolds to reveal the true heir to the throne of Oz(guess who!), plus Scarecrow and Scraps fall in love.

The movie is shot like an old silent movie, although there is spoken dialogue in it, and was largely inspired by the original Patchwork Girl Of Oz film from 1914. The production is currently incomplete, but Cao is planning on finishing it up sometime soon. There are clips of it, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with the cast and characters on Cao's YouTube page.

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