Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video Review: The Wonderful Galaxy Of Oz

There have been numerous anime adaptations based on the Oz books. From a feature-length movie, to a TV series(which was shown on HBO in the 80s), but the one that was really off the wall was The Wonderful Galaxy Of Oz, also known as The Galaxy Adventures Of Oz. First broadcast in Japan as Space Oz No Bouken, this was a complete sci-fi retelling of the original Wizard Of Oz story.

Set in the year 2060, farmgirl Dorothy from the planet New Kansas and her robot helper Chopper end up going on a ship that heads to the distant galaxy of Oz. Upon arrival on an alien world, they befriend Plantman(this show's Scarecrow), and later on the easily-frightened Lionman who apparently shops at the same store as Chewbacca. They decide to go see the amazing Dr. Oz who rules this galaxy about getting Dorothy back home, but the doctor is out as the conniving witch Groomhilda has taken over with her army of Skeezers. Dorothy and her friends learn they have to find three magic crystals(at least its not jewel shards!). After eventually collecting all the crystals, Groomhilda summons her shadowy mistress witch to finally conquer the galaxy, but a good space fairy manages to save them all. Dr. Oz is put back in charge, and sends Dorothy back to her homeworld.

This was originally a 26-episode series that was broadcast in parts of Europe, but apparently the only English-language dub of it ever made is a 75-minute compilation movie. The movie is currently available on DVD from sellers like Amazon. It makes for a good little showing for the young'ns, and a decent trip down memory lane for fans of late 80s/early 90s animation.

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  1. Wow, I remember I bought this for a dollar. It was very interesting.