Friday, February 12, 2010

Oz characters in Lullaby

A few years ago, Alias Enterprises(now Lamp Post Inc.)did a comic titled Lullaby written by Ben Avery(who also wrote The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles)and illustrated by Hector Sevilla. It combined several fairy tale characters into a single continuity, similar to Veritgo Comics' Fables series. The series was split into two 4-issue mini-series.

The first volume begins where Alice is "Hand of the Queen" from Wonderland and she sets out to discover a rise of dark magic going on in some of the surrounding kingdoms, and after some investigating, she learns that the darkness seems to originating from the land of Oz. Along the way, she teams up with the son of the Pied Piper and a half-werewolf Red Riding Hood who are searching for Red's missing grandma. They then enter the realm of the World Tree where Pinocchio has become bonded to it, and his friend Jim Hawkins(from Treasure Island)is trying to save him. It is revealed at the end that the Tin Woodsman who was unkowingly causing the World Tree go out of control with his corrupted heart, but is saved by Alice and the others. In the second volume, the five heroes merge ranks on their quest to Oz, and discover that their common enemy is referred to as the Unnamed Mage, who its hinted is actually the Scarecrow, although possibly with some Wicked Witch influence.

The comic never went past the two volumes done of it(each one of which is available as graphic novels), although there was a seperate one-shot of the Pied Piper. You can find most of these issues available online at Lulu and Wowio.

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