Monday, February 22, 2010

Oz comic review prelude

I've been meaning for a while to do a review of the Oz comics series from Caliber Comics and Arrow Comics. However, unlike the other reviews of Oz-related comics like Oz Squad, Dorothy, and Oz: The Manga, the original Oz comic series is broken up into so many mini-series, sequals, prequal, spinoffs, and one-shot specials that it would be unfair to do the entire thing in just one review. So I'm planning on doing them in sequential order, from the prequals, to the regular series, then the sequals like Dark Oz and Land Of Oz.

I'll give a little history of this series first. Originally, this was a comic series in the mid-90s from Caliber Comics simply titled Oz. In it, Oz has been taken over by the wicked Nome King, who has turned the Three Kings evil, entranced Dorothy, and imprisioned Ozma. This lead into some prequals which showed how Oz got that way to begin with, plus future stories where new menaces arise. Although the story goes through a bit of a Crisis On Infinite Earths plot where the given continuity gets rewritten.

The comic was written by Stuart Kerr & Ralph Griffith with most of the art by Bill Bryan. Currently, the original Oz title is being collected in trade paperbacks by Transfuzion Publishing, with plans to do the rest of the comics too. There's also a possible movie in production titled Dark Oz based on it by Perry Tao, with a novelization already in print by Aaron Deneberg.

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