Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comic Review: Avengers-Fairy Tales

One of a long line of Fairy Tale mini-series that Marvel Comics has done, Avengers-Fairy Tales was a 4-issue series that for each issue had the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" starring in a storybook or a piece of folklore. The last issue(#4)went with The Wizard Of Oz for its story.

Whirlwind attacks the Avengers' Mansion, and She-Hulk takes him head on, but gets knocked out by his wind powers. She ends up dreaming she's in Oz as Jennifer Walter(her non-Hulk self), and finds out her falling mansion killed the "witch" of the East, which it turns out to be female version of Quicksilver. The witch of the North(Agatha Harkness)give Jennifer the dead witch's shoes, which is helpful because they protect her from Scarlet Witch(the Wicked Witch of the West)from winking the Munchkins out of existance just like she did the mutants in Decimation. Jennifer heads for the Emerald City to get help from the Wizard. Along the way, she befriends the Scarecrow(Thor), Tin Man(Iron Man), and the Cowardly Lion(Captain America). Once at the the Emerald City, they find that the Wizard is Magneto, and Scarlet Witch is his daughter(someone's been reading Wicked!). He tells them to convince her to turn good, but in the end the Witch prooves too powerful for them. Jennifer finally morphs back into She-Hulk, and forces the Witch to restore her friends and the Munchkins. She-Hulk then wakes up and takes out Whirlwind with Wasp's help.

This issue was written by C.B. Cebulski and drawn by Ricardo Tercio, who also did some work on Spider Man-Fairy Tales. I'd recommend seeking out this pretty fair spin on WOO, although it would've been cooler to have Jennifer be She-Hulk as Dorothy through the whole thing.

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