Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is the Oznibus?

I've been asked by a few people recently about what the actual "Oznibus" is from our new Emeralds comic. This was essentially the name I gave for Glinda's Great Book Of Records from the Oz books. The GBOC was first officially introduced in The Scarecrow Of Oz(Book #9)and is a large book that tells whatever is going on in the world as its happening, sorta like having someone sending you an instant text message. It's also one of the items that Ugu the Shoemaker makes off with in Lost Princess Of Oz, which is usually why Glinda keeps it chained down. Its been speculated that the GBOC might be the inspiration for the Grimmerie from Wicked which was a slightly indecipherable spellbook. For Emeralds though, I had it that the Oznibus acts as an accumilation of knowledge and history since the dawn of time, with some insight on current happenings, and what possibilities they might lead to. This becomes a key device for the upcoming story arc we have planned for Issue #2.

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