Saturday, July 3, 2010

Video Review: The Wheeler Of Oz

I recenlty got a hold of William Wall's original short film, The Wheeler Of Oz. This is a slightly original take on the characters of the Wheelers, who first appeared in the third Oz novel, Ozma Of Oz. Although they gained more popularity in the Disney movie, Return To Oz. This came into a little effect in the movie as Pons Maar, the head Wheeler from Return To Oz was consulted by Wall on how to create the look of the Wheeler. This movie was produced by Metro City Films, although it's referred to as Steam Powered Films.

Without giving away too much of the story, this is a prequal to the original Wizard Of Oz where a lone wheeler named Maliphet is outcasted by the other wheelers in the land of Ev for being kind-hearted. So, Maliphet decides to head to Oz across the Deadly Desert. He supposedly doesn't get killed from coming in touch with the desert(like one in Return To Oz did)possibly because the wheels on his hands and feet aren't organic. Anyway, once in Oz, he finds he is rejected by the citizens of the Emerald City too. The advent of a strange but inviting button labeled "Acceptance" takes the story in a somewhat tragic direction.

There's the appearance pf at least two recognizable Oz characters in this, plus a prominent one you'll recognize from their apparent lack of one eye. The movie is slighty on the same page as the Heartless movie with some heavy steampunk influence. There's even some regular steampunk costumers and performers as the Emerald City folk. The movie might be available for download later on, but you can currently get in on DVD from their store. It's a dark fairy tale, with a happy ending to it, that leads into a major part of Oz history.

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