Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Andrew Lloyd Webber to do Oz musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber(Cats/Phantom Of The Opera)has been in production for doing a new British stage adaptation of Wizard Of Oz, which was sparky partially due to the success that Wicked has had in the U.K. This is reported to be a new version of the original 1939 movie, however Webber is said to be making writing at least six new songs for this version. He has been planning this project since fall of 2008, although he decided to give it up this summer, but went back into it this fall. Webber has been very particular in looking for a newcomer to play the part of Dorothy, as well as a highly-trained dog for Toto, although a contender has yet to be chosen. Recently, Webber had surgery for prostate cancer of which he was just hospitalized, but he still claims to be willing to produce the musical.

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