Monday, November 30, 2009

Emeralds Character Bios: Mombi

Here's a character whose probably been reinvented more times than any other Oz character outside the original books. Mombi was a not-so-talented witch who first appeared in Marvelous Land Of Oz. She raised Princess Ozma, although to hide her from anyone seeking to put her back on the throne, Mombi disguised her as a boy named Tip. When Ozma is later on turned back into a girl and made ruler of Oz, Mombi apparently had all her powers and knowledge of magic taken away by Glinda. Ozma later on reveals that her grandfather, and then later on her father King Pastoria were originally prisioners of Mombi, and Ozma was born in Mombi's captivity. How exactly Ozma's grandfather and father had "mated" with someone imprisioned by Mombi is unknown, which asks the question if whether or not Mombi is possibly Ozma's mother or grandmother. Mombi is never shown again in the rest of the Oz books that L. Frank Baum did, although she was melted in Ruth Plumly Thompson's Lost King In Oz. Mombi was portrayed as Princess Mombi in Return To Oz who was really more like Princess Langwidere from Ozma Of Oz, plus in Journey Back To Oz she was supposed to be the sister of the other Wicked Witches. For the Emeralds comic, Mombi has reformed herself, and Ozma has taken her on as a Jack Pumpkinhead's nanny. She also acts as an Ozma's advisor, and one her heads of staff. Whether or not Mombi's intentions are good remain to be seen.

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