Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Review: The Patchwork Bride Of Oz

A book that came out a while ago from Books Of Wonder was this short illustrated story under their Emerald City Press label. This was written by Gilbert M. Sprague, and illustrated by Dennis McFarling.

Taking place within in the generic Oz universe, on Christmas Eve in the Emerald City, Scraps the Patchwork Girl is struck by the power of the Shaggy Man's Love Magnet which has been placed on the city entrance, and declares she her love for Scarecrow. He too falls for her, and they announce their engagement. Cut to June where they have their wedding in Gillikin Country at the castle of the Good Witch of the North, where Santa Claus(a regular friend of the Ozians)presides over it.

It's a cute little story, and worth reading out for the holidays. There's an inexpensive paperback version, and a limited edition hardcover print of it too. If you're interested, Gilbert M. Spraque also wrote another book from Books Of Wonder titled The Nome King's Shadow In Oz.

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