Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comic Review: Dorothy Of Oz

No relation to the novel(and upcoming movie) by Roger S. Baum, Dorothy Of Oz is a manhwa(Korean comic)from Udon Entertainment, and a modern day retelling of the original Oz books.

The story first opens up with the entire cast already assembled and on their quest to the mysterious Wizard while dodging the Oz military as they're seen as fugitives. Although after the first few chapters in Volume #1, the plot then cuts to the beginning where we meet Mara Shin, a normal girl from Korea who on her way home from school one day follows her dog Toto down a mysterious road that she never noticed before. She wanders into the enchanted land of Oz, and encounters Serruliah, a scientist referred to as the Witch of the East that believes Mara is the legendary saviour known as Dorothy who can find the fabled Yellow Brick Road. Oz is broken up into four countries, each one ruled by a female scientist called a "witch" who at one point tried to conquer the land, but the mighty Wizard who had actual magical powers defeated them. Serruliah discovers that a strange glove that Mara found when she was a kid(supposedly in Oz)has actual magic properties. Unfortunately, Serruliah is killed by a clone assassin of the Witch of the West, but not before she reveals to Mara how to utilize the special powers lying within her magic boots which allow her to transform into a blonde mature version of herself. Mara is however mistaken for the assassin, and goes on the run. She later frees one of the West Witch's failed clones that she names Abee(which is Korean for Scarecrow), and he uses his psychic powers to protect her from other clone soldiers. The two of them later on run across the cyborg Namu, who has the codename of Tin Woodsman. He teams up with them, and fights the powerful female android Tick Tock who works for the Witch of the South. Our heroes eventually befriend the chimera catboy Tail created by the North Witch.

The plot hasn't gone beyond the point where Tail is first introduced, as it is currently in hiatus since the release of Volume #4. Whether this is a lapse in production by creator Song Hee-Joon in Korea, or something delaying the American release is unknown. If you're a fan of anime and manga, you'll probably enjoy this as a great adventure/fantasy with some decent comedy. The story offers a fresh take on the Oz novels, but holds its own as an interesting comic.

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