Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comic Review: The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles

A series headed by online comics dealer,, crosses over Oz with Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland titled The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles.

It's set in modern day where a teenage Dorothy shares an apartment in Chicago with Alice, plus three other girls who just happen to have also visited fantasy worlds as kids but never reveal that to the others. Dorothy has forgotten her times in Oz, and Alice experience in Wonderland only comes in her dreams which she uses for song lyrics. Meanwhile, a new Wicked Witch(which witch?)uses the Magic Belt to form an alliance with the current and former Nome Kings to crossover to Wonderland with plans to bring the Jabberwock to Oz. However, it has to pass through Earth to get to there. Dorothy and Alice start to notice beings from both worlds invading Chicago, and get attacked by Wheelers, but are saved by the pistol-packing Wizard. The three of them along with Jack Pumpkinhead trek back to Dorothy's farm, and from there to Oz where Dorothy is reverted back to a little girl. She and Alice unite with the Resistance against the Witch who has taken over most of Oz. Dorothy uses the Book of Records to find a secret way into the Emerald City and confront the Witch. She uses her silver shoes against the Witch with the Belt, and the magic blacklash sends her and Alice to Wonderland, where Dorothy is a teenager again. They find that the Jabberwock has been going on a rampage on its way to Earth. Dorothy heads out with the Red King and his army to stop the monster, while Alice goes off with the Cheshire Cat to get the Vorpal Sword which is the only thing capable of killing it.

The series is now about four issues long, ranging from Issues #0-3, with the last issue due out in 2010. There are several alternate covers to every issue, mostly by artist Casey Hasing, plus a special Preview issue as well. Issue #2 also features a backup story called Foot Notes with Capn' Bill helping Dorothy's other roommates. A spinoff series of one-shots titled Jack & Cat taking place after Issue #4 of the regular comic where Jack Pumpkinhead and Cheshire Cat go on a road trip. This is a great comic worth owning for both Ozians and Wonderlanders!

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