Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Emeralds Character Bios: Jellia Jamb

One of the more underrated regulars of the Oz cast is Jellia Jamb. She first appeared briefly in Wizard Of Oz, and then had a more prominent part in Land Of Oz. Afterwards she was a recurring character in most of the ongoing series. Jellia is the head maid at the royal palace originally occupied by the Wizard, and when Ozma came to power she becomes her personal servant. Even though she's a native of Gillikin, she usually is shown having green hair, and seems slightly short despite not being a Munchkin. In Emeralds, Jellia is still working at the palace, but becomes the love interest of the now "humanized" Jack Pumpkinhead, who takes a liking to her because of his new human emotions. Jellia and Jack are seen as a major coupling in the first issue, much to the delight of Ozma and Dorothy.

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