Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Review: Glass Cat Of Oz

Another original book from Books Of Wonder's line of Emerald City Press titles is Glass Cat Of Oz. Written by David Hulan and drawn by George O'Conner, this book highlights Bungle, the glass cat that first appeared in Patchwork Girl Of Oz.

The story involves a twin brother and sister who find a genie that grants them the ability to transform using the magic word "Pryzqxgl"(from Magic Of Oz)and then sends them to Oz. There, they become involved in a plot to save Queen Ann from a bunch of punks called the Bad Lads who use the gun tree to take over the land of Oogaboo. Along with Glass Cat, Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Hungry Tiger, they manage to save Ann in the others just in time for Betsy Bobbin's anniversary.

This was a good book with references to most of the original 14 Baum books, although it might seem a little too much like author wish-fullfilment. But it's a good read for your average Oz-phile.

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