Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comic Review: The Red Brick Road Of Oz

Meant to act as kind of a followup to both the original 1939 Wizard Of Oz movie and the Wicked book/play, Jake Shandy created this webcomic titled The Red Brick Road Of Oz(also available on

In it, Terry Gale is the great nephew of Dorothy Gale who is visiting Kansas along with his successful author father and primadonna actress stepmother. They arrive at the old Gale farm where they meet Hank, the elderly caretaker. Hank tells Terry about how Dorothy was missing for five years from the place she called Oz, and went on to be a tragic actress in Hollywood. Terry is then swept up by a tornado, and is taken to Oz. Once there, he comes upon the old house that originally brought Dorothy, and finds an old book inside(supposedly the Grimmerie). He then runs into some friendly winged monkeys who tell him he has to take the book to Glinda in Gilliken.

Shandy has had an on-and-off hiatus with the webcomic for nearly a year now, but usually makes some kind of update every so often.

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