Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comic Review: The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles-Jack & Cat

A spinoff to The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles are two one-shot specials, Jack & Cat Special #1, and Jack & Cat Tales #1. has this taking place about ten months after J-Day(which is when the Jabberwock attacked). Jack Pumpkinhead is touring Chicago and meets up with the Cheshire Cat, who run into the curvy Mae, an author of children's fantasy and a friend of Dorothy's roommate Dee. Jack and C.C. go off with Mae on the road, but are confronted by Cap'n Bill who is with some originization that is trying to return beings from Oz and Wonderland back to their worlds. Meanwhile, Scraps heads to Earth in search of Jack, and befriends a street performer. Later on, Mae and her strange friends try to free White Knight from an asylum, while the Red Knight and Bill are trying to take him back to Wonderland.

Each issue has two Foot Notes shorts. The ones from Special show Capn' Bill being recruited by Glinda to help Oz, and a prequal about Dorothy leaving Oz for Earth. The Foot Notes from Tales are both about the White Night, one about him taking on the Jabberwock in Chicago, and him fighting the Red Knight for the love of the Red Queen. There is probably going to be at least one more Jack & Cat comic to continue this storyline.

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